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We dedicate our expertise in authentic interior design and branding for people rising consciousness and harmony around them.

Interior design for houses, stores and offices
Furniture design, Light design
Creative direction, brand strategy, brand guidelines
Logo, iconography, typography, color chart, signage 
Photography, 3D visualisation 
Project management.


Designer for a new world

Harmonik Design has settled in my life following a kind of rebirth we are all supposed to experiment once in our lifes. 

During my first life, I collaborated on projects in communication, graphic design, web design, communication strategy for large Agencies. At the same time, I also worked as an interior designer and furniture designer.


Expert in Communication and Graphic design for more than 15 years, I have a degree in Communication and Cinema History (ULG) and a graduate in Interior Architecture (ILL Liège). I worked for many years for big brands like Mc Cann-Erickson, VVL BBDO, Mitsubishi, Electrabel, Pepsi co, Coca-Cola, L'Oréal, Unilever, Belgacom, Proximus. In 2003, I co-founded a communication and interior design agency (Sonaca, Conf inimmo, AG insurance, AG real estate, Bruxelles Environnement, Euler Hermes, GAP, GIZ, GSMa).


Since then, balancing both sides of the brain is key in my approach of design. Creating is before all imagination. Follows after materialization. Remaining in my own center, where I feel myself fully empowered and open, became a must be. My favourites tools for it are knowledge, meditation, relationships, and kite surfing.



Support and define your project


In these times of profound transformations, I place myself at your side in a frequency that can bring out your doubts and questions. We will translate them together in order to extract the clear and powerful lines of your future project. Defining your why and writing the value proposition of your business plan are essential steps before we start drawing.



Building is collaborating


Then comes the design process. To serve your needs, I work either alone or in a team. Indeed, I vibrate in an open circle with different beings sharing the same frequencies: benevolence, respect and trust. Having a clear vision of our roles and responsibilities makes us powerful and organized, yet flexible. I offer my best skills and all my potential to contribute to a common goal: make your ideas possible with respect & deliver an architectural design or graphic design project that takes care of your integrity as a human being.



Enthusiastic and curious by nature, I am passionate about the beauty of shapes and spaces. My driving force is creative teamwork. My proposal, in all integrity, is to put my talent as a Builder at the service of the True, the Realistic, the Good and the Beautiful. In short, Harmony.



Robert C. Bockowski.

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Profile / 

Crystal Energy


Kite Surfer

Dad of three

Roles / 

Interior Design

Graphic Design

Art Direction

Web Design


Project Management


To learn more about me and the work we can do together, get in touch - I would love to talk.

On parle français

Tel: +32 (4) 495 32 32 72

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