We dedicate our expertise in branding and authentic story telling for people rising consciousness and harmony around them.

LIST OF SERVICES - creative direction, brand strategy, brand guidelines, logo, iconography, typography, colour chart, storytelling, copywriting, tone-of-voice, naming, graphic design, print production, print advertising, digital marketing, packaging design, look book/catalogue, signage, photography, video, 3D visualisation, interior design, illustration, art direction, styling, visual merchandising, e-commerce, social media management.


Designer for the new world

Harmonik Design has settled in my life following a path of awakening. I have spent the last five years in long periods of meditation during which I encountered better my Atypism and my perceptual abilities linked to my crystal vibration.

During my first life, I collaborated on projects in communication, graphic design, web design, communication strategy for large Agencies. At the same time, I also worked as an interior designer and furniture designer.


Expert in Communication and Graphic design for more than 15 years, I have a degree in Communication and Cinema History (ULG) and a graduate in Interior Architecture (ILL Liège). I worked for many years for big brands like Mc Cann-Erickson, VVL BBDO, Mitsubishi, Electrabel, Pepsi co, Coca-Cola, L'Oréal, Unilever, Belgacom, Proximus. In 2003, I co-founded www.rose-experience.com a communication and interior design agency (Sonaca, Conf inimmo, AG insurance, AG real estate, Bruxelles Environnement, Euler Hermes, GAP, GIZ, GSMa).


Since then, I have trained in bio-energy, which I practice to support my clients and employees in any Image coaching / consulting project. I am also a disciple in Kundalini Yoga and passionate about kite surfing.



Support and define your project


In these times of profound transformations, I place myself at your side in a frequency that can bring out your doubts and questions. We will translate them together in order to extract the clear and powerful lines of your future project. Defining your why and writing the value proposition of your business plan are essential steps before we start drawing.



Building is collaborating


Then comes the design process. To serve your needs, I work either alone or in a team. Indeed, I vibrate in an open circle with different beings sharing the same frequencies: benevolence, respect and trust. Having a clear vision of our roles and responsibilities makes us powerful and organized, yet flexible. We offer our best skills and all our potential to contribute to a common goal: make your ideas possible with respect & deliver a graphic design or architectural design project that takes care of your integrity as a human being.



Enthusiastic and curious by nature, I am passionate about the beauty of shapes and spaces. My driving force is creative teamwork. My proposal, in all integrity, is to put my talent as a Builder at the service of the True, the Just, the Good and the Beautiful. In short, Harmony.



Robert C. Bockowski.


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Crystal Energy


Kite Surfer

Dad of two

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Art Direction

Graphic Design

Archictectural Design

Interior Design

Web Design


Coach in Projects Creation


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“Robert tu as mis en mot et en image ce que nous percevions dans l’énergie. Tu as réussi à rentrer dans notre univers pour le comprendre et nous créer un site internet et une identité graphique. voilà le génie de Robert !!!! ”

— Martine, Homneologie

“Suite à un appel d'offre pour la création de mon logo, Robert y a répondu et a immédiatement pris à cœur mon projet. Ça s'est senti. Nous avons conversé et sa curiosité, sa sensibilité, lui a permis de créer ce logo d'une grande justesse en lien avec mon activité et ma personnalité. Je me réjouis quotidiennement de cette œuvre.”

— Michael, Michael Fonseca Tantra

Capture d’écran 2020-10-30 à 15.54.25.

Décrire l’Evidence avec Beauté est l’adage des Poètes, dit-on, et si je me permets de dire que j’en suis un, ce n’est certes dans les mots que je pratique, mais plutôt dans l’Art de Transmettre l’Ouverture de nos Canaux de Communication de ce merveilleux Univers que nous sommes. En cela, la rencontre avec Robert tient également de l’évidence. Lui, dans sa fluidité de Perception des Possibles, sa façon unique de les mettre en valeur, dans le respect total de SES valeurs, avec une précision architecturale, afin de révéler avec enthousiasme le Génie de l’Autre dans tout son rayonnement. Ainsi naquit l’ IN-TALKING, le Parler Vrai, le Parler DANS l’Autre, une bulle de Créativité au service de celles et ceux qui en ont envie ... Tout le reste n’est pas à dire, mais bien à faire.

— Olivier, In-Talking

Working with Robert has been a spiritual journey leading to the essence of my work.

He literally dived into my universe and created my actual  communication tools (website, flyers, business cards and more importantly most of my social media posts).  

He’s got slick Art Direction talent and an eye for details.

I love the way he nurtured the project and gave me great clarity for the next steps. I feel what he created is totally aligned with who I am today, and how I want to position myself in the world as a brand. 

— Sarbani, Savitri YOGA